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My shitty art all here.



Awesome things.


what happened to dA

*fricken updates*.
best game



I'm on level 20 (or 21 idk)

I'm not very good tho

If you have GTA V, what level are you guise on, tell me.
I'm not gonna give away my username btw
I thought I'd just organize them
(Sometimes, I can act like such a twilight. :>)

Main OC: Navia Photobush

Other OCs (I might draw/ use them once in a while, but not always.) Harmony, Kismet, Marina

Shit characters: Princess Mary Sue Dawn(idek)
Let's share our lucid dream experiences!!
(Everyone gets at least 1 in their life.)

I've had 4! :D
I don't get them anymore. It was all when i was young

So I'll share first:

So I was (obviously) dreaming.
I was in this city, and I was like "this is.. HOLD UP, IM DREAMING!"
So I strolled around the city, all happy that I could control stuff, until I looked up.
Santa Claus was standing on a skyscraper!
I was like "SANTA OMG" so I flew up and stood by him.
I was looking at him and he was like "ho ho ho"
Then I woke up
I was kind of sad that I didn't see him for long, and then I paused. I thought 'hey... Santa looked a lot like my dad...'
Confused, I decided to fall asleep and make myself have the same dream.
I ended up beside Santa, lucid dreaming.
I yelled at him, "YOU'RE NOT SANTA, YOUR MY DAD!"
And he was like "no, niki, I'm Goofy"
It was Goofy from Mickey Mouse
I was like, "WAT."
And then I woke up.
It was weird

I had another dream about my parents, too.
It was my 'happy place', a place with all the things I loved.
My parents were there, and that's when I started to lucid dream.
My parents were like, "Niki!! There you are, dear!"
I was like , "ya : D" they were nice dream-parents.
My dad was on a lawn chair, and my mom was cooking bacon
We talked for a bit, till my dad was like, "oh, Niki, you should wake up now... You might be late for school!"
I nodded and hugged them, and then tried to wake up
I couldn't
So I was like, "mom, dad, I can't wake up... How can I make myself wake up now?"
My parents thought, and they were like "pinch yourself!"
So I did
And I didn't wake up
I panicked. They told me to calm down, then I woke up.

I've had a sleep Paralysis-thing once. With the shadow things. Fricken scary.
Now you share your lucid dream experience, if you remember it!
what happened to dA

*fricken updates*.


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hai :3
donate if you feel like it :)
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Niki [Or Maiko. :/]
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current residence: Alberta, Canada

I'm crazy. ,_,
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Canada pride. Yey.

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What Kuroshitsuji Character Are You?
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Learning Japanese -STAMP- by ScaredyBunny I am learning japanese. I speak pretty fluently. Romaji.

Grell Sutcliff Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Sebby Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Hey there. I'm Niki.
I draw shitty ponies. Yeah. :3
Program I use is Gimp.

I don't really take commissions. Only if I want to.…

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Frozen-Elsa's eyes stamp by Rijogepa


I want to learn Japanese... by Crystal-Artist

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